Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New kid on the blog

Hi everyone, not sure who is going to be reading this, but hopefully someone does one day. I thought my title was quite clever but I'm sure its been done before. Please don't look at my photo and come back telling me I'm no longer a kid. I do know this but I'm fighting it with everything I have with my big 40 fast approaching at the end of this year. 
Anyway I have finally given in and accepted that as a person working within the wedding industry I need to write a blog because apparently anyone who's anyone does.

So here it is, my first few words out there in cyberspace. If you like it then please please let me know and I will carry on. Same if you don't like it too but at least make any criticism constructive so I can learn from it.

I have worked in the wedding industry for a few years now as a wedding planner / consultant and I just love helping bride's to make their day unique to them and something they will never forget. I spend a lot of time on details (I love details nearly as much as I love lists) which make weddings extra special. 

I constantly have ideas running through my mind and I have to get them out so I am hoping this is a great medium for doing this

My company also has an online shop side to it that started by trying to provide my bride's with top quality wedding accessories but at affordable prices so it didn't break their budget. Anyone that takes me on as a planner can buy their wedding accessories from my stock at trade prices. 

I also offer free delivery on orders over £30 to the local area round Stratford upon Avon (within 20-25 miles). with P&P charges added to your purchases this can soon mount up.

Anyway I'm not sure how long or short this is supposed to be but I think I've said enough for now. I will be posting more details about my new Facebook Store and Online shop soon so make sure you subscribe to find out more.